Zollicoffer Park

Zollicoffer Park marks the site of the fiercest fighting in the Battle of Mill Springs. The park is named for Confederate Gen. Felix K. Zollicoffer. It was here that Zollicoffer rode forward to speak with what he mistakenly thought were his own troops. As a result of his mistake, Zollicoffer was shot and killed.Split rail fence at Zollicoffer Park

The battle lines were drawn at the split rail fence, as the Federals were secure at the fence and the southern Confederate soldiers were divided trying to attack without the leadership of General Zollicoffer.

The park includes a momument to Zollicoffer and his men in addition to the Confederate mass grave and marker. Both of these were placed here in 1910 by Confederate veterans. The park also contains a half-mile walking trail, interpretive signs, Confederate soldiers' memorial stones and the earth-print of the large white oak tree where it was said General Zollicoffer's body was placed after his death during the battle.

Most of the Mill Springs Battlefield Association events are held here, including our annual Ghost Walk in November and Battlefield Memorial in January. It is the second stop on the Mill Springs Battlefield Driving Tour.

Zollicoffer Park

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