Order of Battle


Brig. Gen. George Henry Thomas - about 4,400 effectives


2nd Brigade - Col. Mahlon D. Manson


10th Ind. Inf. - Lt. Col.William Kise

710 effectives

4th Ky. Inf. - Col. Speed Smith Fry (w)


Co. C, 14th Ohio Inf. - Capt. J. W. Brown



3rd Brigade - Col. Robert L. McCook (w)


2nd Minn. Inf. - Col. Horatio Van Cleve (minus Co. A)


9th Ohio Inf. - Maj. Gustave Kammerling



12th Brigade - Col. Samuel Powhatan Carter


12th Ky. Inf. - Col. William A. Hoskins


1st Tenn. Inf. - Col. Robert K. Byrd


2nd Tenn. Inf. - Col. J. P. T. Carter


1st Ky. Cav. - Col. Frank Wolford

(Cos. A, B, C,H)



Btty. B, 1st Ohio Arty. - Capt. William E. Standart

(6 guns - rifled 6-pounders?)





Btty. C, 1st Ohio Arty. - Capt. Dennis Kenny, Jr.

(six James rifles - probably rifled 6-pounders;  

possibly only four of the guns were rifled, the other 

two smoothbore)




9th Ohio Btty. - Capt. Henry Shepard Wetmore

(two 10-pounder Parrotts, two 12-pounder howitzers)





NOTE: Numbers shown are from Battle, Perrin, and Kniffin, Kentucky: A History of the State.

Louisville: F.A. Battey, 1885, Part 1, p. 391.


U.S. troops present at Logan’s Crossroads, but not directly engaged in the battle:

Co. A, 2nd Minn. Inf. - Capt. Judson Bishop (on picket duty; engaged in pursuit to Beech Grove)

Co. A, 38th Ohio Inf. - Capt. Charles Greenwood (camp guard; engaged in pursuit to Beech Grove)

Cos. D, F, and G, 1st Mich. Engrs. and Mechanics - Lt. Col. K. A. Hunton (camp guard)


U.S. reinforcements, arrived after the battle, engaged in the pursuit to Beech Grove:

1st Brigade - Brig. Gen. Albin Schoepf
17th Ohio Inf. - Col. John M. Connell
31st Ohio Inf. - Col. Moses B. Walker
38th Ohio Inf. - Col. Edwin D. Bradley

2nd Brigade
10th Ky. Inf. - Col. John M. Harlan
14th Ohio Inf. - Col. James B. Steedman


Maj. Gen. George Bibb Crittenden - about 5,900 effectives 

1st Brigade - Brig. Gen. Felix Kirk Zollicoffer (KIA)


15th Miss. Inf. - Lt. Col. Edward Cary Walthall

854 effectives

19th Tenn. Inf. - Col. David H. Cummings


20th Tenn. Inf. - Col. Joel Allen Battle


25th Tenn. Inf. - Col. Sidney Smith Stanton (w)


Tenn. Btty. - Capt. Arthur Middleton Rutledge - 6 guns



(four 6-pounders and two 12-pound howitzers; only the four



6-pounders used in the battle)


Tenn. Cav. Co. - Capt. William Scott Bledsoe


Tenn. Cav. Co. - Capt. Q. C. "Ned" Sanders/Saunders


Ky. Cav. Co. - Capt. B. E. Roberts (w/ Bledsoe & Sanders)



2nd Brigade - Brig. Gen. William Henry Carroll


16th Ala. Inf. - Col. William B. Wood


17th Tenn. Inf. - Lt. Col. Thomas C. H. Miller


28th Tenn. Inf. - Col. John Porry Murray


29th Tenn. Inf. - Col. Samuel Powell (w)


Tenn. Btty. (Caswell Artillery) - Capt. Hugh L. W. McClung

- 4 guns


(two 6-pounders and two 12-pound howitzers; only two guns

listed in the advance to Logan’s Crossroads; apparently

none actually used in the battle)


4th Tenn. Cav. Bn. - Lt. Col. Benjamin M. Branner


5th Tenn. Cav. Bn. - Lt. Col. George R. McClellan



NOTE: Numbers shown are from Zollicoffer's report of  7 Jan. 1862 (OR I, 7, p. 824).


Confederate forces present at Mill Springs (south side of the river), but not engaged in the battle:

37th Tennessee Infantry  -  Col. Moses White (crossed the river during the battle, and engaged in the defense of Beech Grove)

1st Tenn. Cav. Bn.  -  Lt. Col. Frank Nathaniel McNairy (may have been present at Beech Grove)

2 companies of the 3rd Tenn. Cav. Bn.  -  Lt. Col. William Brazleton

Tenn. Btty. (Harding Artillery)  -  Capts. G. H. Monserratt and Ed Baxter (4 or 6 guns) 



Reports in Official Records, Ser. I, Vol. 7, pp. 79-116; 824.

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Compiled by Geoffrey R. Walden, 1997; copyright © 1997-1999, Geoffrey R. Walden; all rights reserved.

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